Adding,subtracting,dividing, and multiplying Intergers

By:TaMesha Manning and Kendra Fenner

1: 0.9,-3,5,-3.7

2: 5>-3 -3/4<-3 5>0.9 0.9>-3 5>-3/4 0.9>-3/4

Order from least to greatest: -3/4,-3,0.9,5

3: |-3|=3. |5|=5. |0.9|=0.9. |-3/4|=-3/4

Explanation: Absolute value is the distance a number is from zero on the number is from zero on the number line, regardless of direction.

Part 4: Addition:5+-3=-2, 5+0.9=5.9

Subtraction:-3/4+-3=3 3/4

Multiplication:5(0.9)=4.5, -3(0.9)=-2.7

division:5--3=1.6 repeats, -3/4/5=-.15

Part 5 real life:

1:Peter uses quick fix glue to hold a bamboo rod. One piece of the rod measure 0.9 meters and another piece measures 5 meters. What is the total lenth of the bamboo rod after it has been glued together?

2: Simpson takes 3/4 liters of water before noon and -3 liters of water after noon. How many more liters does he have left?

3: Mattie has 5 liter bottles and chuck has 0.9 liter bottle if Mattie times her number by chucks number,then what would it be?