How did Hitler really die?
By:La'Tyshia Nickerson

My Thesis statement: I believe Hitler committed suicide in his bunker along with Eva Braun (his wife) by overdosing on drugs.

Hitler,was a unforgettable man defiantly not in a good way he has just ruined personally many lives even today. Hitler committed a mass genocide involving the Jews i personally believe he did that to make himself happy ( please don't think that I am justifying his actions because there is noway I could and noway that I would even think about it.)   I personally Believe Hitler was a coward, Dictator,and a mentally insane,evil,sick,monster. he had never even cared nor shown any remorse for the Jews. We all know the Jews did nothing to Hitler but he believed the opposite of us. I also believe that when people celebrated his death that they had the right to he killed innocent people that had families and promising futures that he has taken away he has condoned mass genocide which I believe is totally unacceptable .

It is believed that both he and his wife swallowed cyanide capsules (which had been tested for their efficacy on his “beloved” dog and her pups). For good measure, he shot himself with his service pistol.This shows that he was a complete coward in my personal opinion. Eva Braun was a beautiful, innocent blonde haired brown eyed beauty which chose to love Hitler and to stick by his side  knowing he was wrong she told Hitler "if he died she would die with him so that the would be together forever."

This is Eva braun she was very young when she died.

Hitlers drugs he took.

The drug you see above was used to allow Hitler to become high and he took them before he went to the concentration camps.He also took crystal meth which also allows you to become high.The drug he took to overdose was cyanide capsule

The cyanide capsule shut down your organs in a process to kill you. When police arrived the found Hitler in his desk with his head down and Eva Braun on the couch with her head facing him.


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