Atlanta Bread Company

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-Founded in 1993 by two brothers named Jerry and Basil Couvaras

-In 2008 there was nearly 110 restaurants in Georgia, and as of 2014 there are only 74-50 restaurants left in Georgia

-The first atlanta bread opened in Smyrna GA, where hr headquarters still remains.

-the two Couvaras brothers started the business as a sandwich and pasta fast food restaurant,


Atlanta Bread company uses transportaion such as ships and trains to transport their uniforms for work, their technology, the plates/packages they use for their food, and for their cooking supplies.


two risks atlanta bread company has is that they opened among many other sandwich resturants, and they have a risk of being bought out by Panera bread company.


- the store has made around 200 million in annual state

-the store employs 15-20 people a restaurant

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