United Investments

Who are we?

We are all united investors. We are one and together. We all work together to bring you the most innovative investments in the world.

Before you start investing...

1. Determine your financial goals, and what kind of risk you are willing to get in.

2. Consider getting into a variety of investments

3. Create and maintain an emergency

4. Consider "Dollar Cost Averaging" which means you only invest with money that you got from investing.

5. Also beware of fraud when purchasing investments.

Our United Packages

We have 3 different packages. Each with different amounts of risk and reward. Each package requires a bigger deposit. We do insure the investment option. But not the 2nd and 3rd was United Investments does not insure more riskier packages. Don't let that discourage you however.

Closely United Option
(Safe investments, low return)

This package has investments that are usually a guarantee return, or break even investments. They may get you a couple extra pennies, but at least you want lose money. Many of these investments are also insured by banks or the government. We at United Investments believe this package is best for those with lower income who cannot afford much loss, and would like to keep it safe.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Sold by banks/credit union, they have a maturity date and you will earn interest back upon that interest date. They are federally-insured which makes them very safe, but also the return is low. CDs last about 6 months to 5 years.

Money Market Funds

These are CDs, short-term bonds, and other low-risk investments all grouped together to create a wide variety of low risk investments. These funds are liquid, meaning that you can withdraw your funds without a penalty.

Municipal bonds, Treasury notes, bills and bonds

Municipal bonds are bonds that are used to fund local government projects such as construction.

There are multiple types of treasury investments, each of them are used to fund the federal government. Bills mature in less than a year, notes mature within 10 years, and bonds can last up to 30 years. Selling any of these before the maturity date may result in money loss. Selling them after the mature date guarantees at least breaking even.

401(k) Plan

This is a retirement savings plan that is created by your employer. It allows workers to save a portion of their paycheck (before tax) to invest in anything they choose. Depending on how you treat this plan, this can fit in any of the categories, but here at United Investments we believe 401(k) should be safe, and secure because your retirement is very important.

Not very United option
(Somewhat Risky, Could get good returns)

These set of investments are a bit more beefy than your safe haven investments. Not as safe, but better rewards. At United Investments we believe this package is best for those in the middle class that can afford some sort of loss, but not that much.


Equities indicate ownership over something, usually in stocks, bonds, real estate. When you have an equity you need to have a balance-sheet or some way of keep track of losses and earnings. In fact you should have a way to keep track of losses and earnings for each kind of investments.

Corporate Bonds

These bonds are issued by different companies, and they are used to fund the company. They also have maturity dates that work similarly to government bonds. Corporate bonds are more safe than stocks because if a company goes under, then they pay back the bondholders before the stockholders, they aren't as safe as government bonds, but typically yield more money.

Real Estate

Despite the 2008 housing crisis real estate investments are still considered to be a medium risk investment. There are different approaches to do this. You can either purchase a house to rent out which will get you a monthly income while you maintain the house. You can purchase a property that might not be in such a good shape, invest in that property and sell it for profit. You can also just hold the house while the value of it goes up while maintaining it.

Not United at all Option
(Very Risky, all or nothing returns)

This package is for those who don't like be safe and united, and chooses to be risky. Here at United Investments we respect that, and we offer a set of investments that could give you high returns, or could lead up to you crying on your way to see your bankruptcy lawyer.

Junk Bonds

These bonds are the same as normal bonds, but are high risk (but not really high reward). Junk bonds are purchased because the person that has the bond as low credit, and the issuer of the bond gives you a low quality, high risk bond. These types of bonds are not recommended for purchase, especially if your credit score is low.

Precious Metal

Precious Metal investments are investments where you buy any kind of rare material (doesn't necessarily have to be metal). The important thing is not to assume that precious materials are always going up in price. For example in 2010 the price of gold was the same as 1980. The price of precious metals and drop as fast as they can rise, which is why we rate this as as a high risk investment.


Most people buy timeshares for pleasure, but you can certain purchase them an an investment. The first time purchase price could be pricey, and most cases you have to pay an annual maintenance fee which could be a couple hundred dollars. The best way to investment in timeshares is to buy new timeshares in a particular area that is likely to grow in tourism. That way the value of it goes up. Although this is not always the case, and the loss of can be huge which is why we rate this as a high risk investment.