Wearing Such Wedding Dress to Realize Your Dream of Being a Princess

I am an ordinary girl, but I also have a princess dream. I hope to create something by my hands. I believe that every girl wants to use their hands to luster their life just like me. There are many occasions in life we have missed, but the future we must firmly grasp. Come on and make your own prom dress with me.

I like fluffy dresses, so I will make three sets of puffy prom dresses. The first set as shown above, it belongs to a sling type puffy prom dresses, a white skirt, the purple cover and the waist with a big butterfly knot. The overall feeling about dress is like a beautiful butterfly, outside purple and then shows the woman's noble and elegant temperament. In my current life, I have never attended a party, thus I want to attend a dance in this style of prom dress, even one time. I hope to meet a new friend in such a dance, or met old friends and my Mr. Right. Come on girl, making your own prom dress only just for a memorable encounter in life.

In my life, in addition to parents and elders, I have a bother who beyond me one year old. Brother accompanies me to grow and plays a friend and bodyguard role in my life, I want to make a party dress for my future sister-in-law and the skirt must be puffy prom dresses series. Because I will give best wishes through this dress, then bless their enduring love as the universe.

I don't know how many people have such idea or maybe you don't have a brother or sister. Then make your own prom dress, I believe that you will have the opportunity to attend other important moments in your life. I don't know whether you like puffy prom dresses, you are rich or not, but I also believe that as long as each of you make your own prom dress, you will not lose any style, of course you should be a enough level.

Finally, another important occasion is our own wedding. In my consciousness, marriage is a solemn commitment. We don’t seek for money through wedding, just to get the real love. There is only one wedding in my life, I will personally make wedding dress, or at least to design it. I will transform light pink bridesmaid dresses into my wedding, because puffy prom dresses can reflect my outgoing personality, and I hope that my marriage can show jumping, colorful like puffy prom dresses. Meanwhile, I hope to dance with my lover with the music of "Dream Wedding" in the wedding. Girl, join me, do your DIY for your important time, make your own prom dress for your wedding and make your princess’s dream come true.


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