Transition of Classical Music from Baroque  

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      During the Baroque period, only wealthy people or specific groups of people could afford to support musicians during that period. For example  Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most famous composers of the Baroque period was financed by the Duke of Weimer who was the government of Weimer. However when the Age of Enlightenment began, wealthy business men could support musicians, who could purse their talents in comfort.

        In the Classical Period, the music reflected the change in society that was happening in the Age of Enlightenment, where people began to question the way the government and the Church were handling things. In the transitional period of baroque to classical music, several musicians began to wander off from the baroque style and and began to form the Classical music foundation. Johann Sebastian Bach, a famous composer during the baroque period, composed baroque pieces throughout his entire life, but his influence stayed with his son,Carl Philipp Emanuel who stepped out of the baroque road and into a new one which was the Classical period.