Atmosphere   Joanna

Fact 1: In the atmosphere as you go higher the tempiture changes.

          (Explanation)- In the tempature changes because of the different layers of the atmosphere. It changes when it gets colder, warmer, colder, then very hot.

Fact 2: Pressure changes as you go higher or lower.

(explanation)- When you on a mountain the air feels thinner and colder because as you go higher the pressure is very low and then it changes as you go up because of tempiture.

Fact 3: The atmosphere is important.

(Explanation)- The atmosphere is very important because with out it we would burn or die, we have the stratosphere to protect us from sun, and the troposphere is for planes and the weather.

Fact 4: The earth has a green house effect.

(explanation)- The green house effect is when the suns energy comes down and and goes back to space.

Fact 5: Gravity holds us.

(explanation)- The earths gravity holds us so we don't fall and gravity allows the earth to spin around without falling out.

Fact 6: Earth has 4 different layers inside of it.

(explanation)-  it has the inner core, outer core, inner mantle, outer mantle.

Fact 7:

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