What was School like for a colored person in 1958?

The public school buses did not take colored kids to school so some of the colored kids had to walk up to 5 miles to school. The blacks schools usually did not have running water or indoor bathrooms. They would also get the used and worn out books, desks, and chairs from the white schools.

What were some of the major event that led to the end of segregation?

Some major events were Rosa Parks and the boycotting the buses, The Montgomery March, Integration of school-Little rock nine, and  The March on Washington. The March on Washington is also were Martin Lutheran King Jr. gave is I have a Dream speech.

What were some challenges for colored people in 1958?

They were paid less than whites and were more likely to be unemployed. They did not have a great chance in graduating high school and had an ever less chance of going to college. They would be fined 25 dollars or be sent to jail for 20 days if they sat in the “wrong cart” on a train.

How does this historic event continue to impact our lives today? What lesson did we learn from this event?

This historic event still continues today because some white people still do not believe colored people should have the same rights as them and treat them like they are better than them.

I think the lesson we learned from this event historic event was that we are equal and we should be treated equal no matter our skin color.

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2 years ago

I liked the facts but maybe a picture would have been nice too.

2 years ago

I really like the fact that you gave examples of what led up to stopping segregation, but you didn't give any information about what the events did to stop it.