Use of Slim Line Gauges in Single Engine Aircraft

Stroll through the parked single engine aircraft at any air show and you would be amazed at how many single engine aircraft continue to sport and use vintage gauges. Without doubt, these gauges add a “wow factor” and old-world charm to the aircraft but when it comes to safety, there is simply no comparison between these vintage gauges and modern day slim line gauges for single engine aircraft.

Most pilots and owners of these single engine aircraft avoid upgrading because of the cost and also because they feel that the modern day slim line gauges bring in a degree of absurdity to the look of cockpit instrument panel.

First off, thanks to relentless research and use of space-age material, J.P. Instruments the World leader in slim line gauges for single engine aircraft, has managed to dramatically reduce the costs so as to make each slim line gauge very affordable. Moreover, these new gauges for single engine aircraft are called slim line precisely because that is what they are – very small footprint gauges. They occupy very little of the precious instrument panel space but give the pilot the advantage of highly accurate readings.

These slim line gauges for single engine aircraft have a bright, easy-to-read LED displays that can be read even in bright sunlight. No more squinting, no more taping the gauge to make sure it is working. Moreover, each slim line gauge can be purchased separately, or in clusters, depending on your specific needs. You could therefore choose to start with upgrading a single gauge and subsequently upgrade the rest or upgrade all at one go.

All slim line gauges manufactured by J.P. Instruments for single engine aircraft are FAA approved and meet or exceed FAA recommendations. Take the digital quartz tachometer for single engine aircraft for example, it is FAA approved, has an accuracy of +/- 1 RPM, and updates at an amazing rate of two times per second. The gauge is safe and non-invasive i.e. it does not attach to the mag “P” lead.

Similarly, the manifold pressure Slimline Pressure Gauge by J.P. Instruments for single engine aircraft has an accuracy of 0.1 inches of Hg and an “over boost” alarm. The slim line volt amp gauge too has a discharge alarm with a 0.1 Volt or amp resolution. The slim line Fuel Pressure and Oil pressure gauges have under pressure alarms and an accuracy of 1.0 psi.

The OIL, TIT and Fuel gauges too have high limit alarms and accuracy of one degree. The slim line digital quartz tachometer and the slim line manifold pressure gauge for single engine aircraft each require just a small 3-inch hole for the cables. In fact, these gauges manufactured by J.P. Instruments are designed to occupy as little panel space as possible and provide you with highly accurate engine data to keep flying safely.

The J.P. Instrument range of slim line gauges for single engine aircraft include the OAT gauge, the slim line Volt Meter gauge, the EDM Monitors, the slim line RPM Tachometer, the Manifold Pressure gauge, the slim line Fuel Pressure gauge, the Oil Pressure gauge and the Turbine Inlet Temperature gauge.