a genetic disease is caused by a  change in someones DNA. a disease caused by genetic disorders is down syndrome. it is a disorder that causes developmental and intellectual delays. it is caused by mosaic trisomy 21 not every cell in the body is exactly the same. or either  Complete trisomy 21 where there is one extra chromosome. the individuals life is impacted by it because the people that have it by causing delays both mentally and physically. it is not curable or treatable because it happens at birth.


environemental diseases are diseases that can be directly attributed to environmental factors.  one is lead poisoning.lead poisoning happens  when lead builds up in the is  caused when too much lead builds up in the body. Lead particles that settle on the soil from leaded gasoline or paint can last for years when lead  builds up n  the body it can be fatal. which can lead to a wide range of symptoms from headaches and stomach pain to behavioral problems and anemia. it is curable chelation therapy  In this treatment you take a medication that binds with the lead so that it's excreted in your urine. low lead levels just avoid more lead will reduce blood lead levels.

Lifestyle Choices

diseases made by the choices u make. like smoking. smoking a cigarette. it is when a person lights a cigarette and inhales the smoke. it is caused by the smoke in the cigarette it can cause lung cancer and other different types of diseases.lung cancer affects a persons life  by affecting breathing and the cancer can be fatal.  it is treatable with treatment of  lung cancer can involve a combination of surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy.