By: Grace Martinez

P - Parenthesis ( <--Parenthesis--> )

E - Exponents PS: we don't do this

M - Multiplication x

D - Division /

A - Addition +

S - Subtraction -

1.          Ok the first step of PEMDAS is to see if there is ANY parenthesis if there is you HAVE TO do the problem IN the paranthisis FIRST.

2.          If there is no paranthisis you do from LEFT - RIGHT ether multiplication or division it does not matter is division is first than multiplication like this 18 / 3 x 9  you can do the division first but always go LEFT - RIGHT.

3.          When the two first steps are done you add or subtract again LEFT - RIGHT it does not have to be addition first you can do subtraction first IF NEEDED.

4.          Oh I forget to tell you we DON'T use exponents until middle school and if you see brackets ([       ]) you do that SECOND after you do the parenthesis, and if you see a number next to a parenthesis that means multiplication like this --> (80 / 4)2 <-- that means to multiply

This is the lesson for PEMDAS I hoped you engoied it thanks!!

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2 years ago

This is for math class with Mrs.Pittinger I hope the forth graders enjoy this tackk.