Guinea pigs

A guinea pig's life


Guinea pigs are mammals.They usually live for 3-4 years.They like to live in packs.A guinea pig is a primary consumer. Males are called Boars. Females are called Sows and babies are called Pups.


A guinea pig's habitat is grasslands because they eat grass,bushes so they can hide from predators and burrowing underground so they can sleep without predators eating them.


Guinea pig's shelters are bushes for hiding from predators and under ground so they can sleep.

Biological relationships

A guinea pig is part of the predator/prey relationship .Snakes,birds,dogs,cats,rats and mice all eat Guinea pigs. Guinea pigs eat grass.

Life cycle

A guinea pig's life cycle is first they are born with hair, then they grow into kids, Then they are Sows Then they have Pup's.

Food chain

The sun grows grass. The guinea pigs eat it. Then snakes eat the guinea pigs. And birds eat snakes.





A guinea pig's biomes are. grass lands and rain forests and an a under ground biome.

Interesting facts

Guinea pig's are really good swimmers. Guinea pig's are fast runners. They usually live for 3-4 years.

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