Brighton Beach Memoirs

by Neil Simon

The Great Depresion

In The Great Depression Not all the unemployed found careers in literature, music, and film, of course, but, even for those who didn’t, the idea of choosing to do something other than make money the idea of being like Cary Grant was more than a rationalization or a fantasy. During the Great Depression, the word “holiday” sometimes served as a euphemism for a strike or a bank suspension, and art, whose purpose lies a step away from moneymaking even when money changes hands, offered a way of keeping work in perspective despite a desperate need for it. As Morris Dickstein writes in “Dancing in the Dark”, a bighearted, rambling new survey of American culture in the nineteen-thirties, “The arts bound people together in a collaborative effort to interpret and alleviate their plight.” They were something to turn to when faith in work seemed lost

Colleges in the 1930's

most of the colleges in New York had a drop of students due to the great depression a lot lost their scholarships those who stayed and graduated. Rooming and tuition was $400 on the city college in new york books where about $35 and rooms where $520 even tho America had no good foundation

apology letter

         I Stanley Jerome would like apologize for my rude and unacceptable behavior you're my superior and my boss. So this apology comes from my heart and i have  acknowledge my actions where not proper for work so i plead you take me back as your employee. I always did as you please and ill love to do it again and theres nothing ill love to do than work for you agin because working for you was amazing   and i really want to work with you so bad                                     sincerely stanley  

broadway show

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