D.C. Sniper

by Ben Anderson and Jacob bennett

The D.C. shootings were was cause of these two men. These men went around killing innocent people, in total they killed ten people and wounded two more. In the Salem trials the girls did the same kind of thing, they went around doing what the pleased to who they wanted. There name are John Muhammad and Lee Malvo.

These are the ten innocent people that the two killed, which cause mass hysteria just like in the saleum witch trials.

In this investigation the police found evidence that the killing where all based around the wife, in Maryland Virginia. they were all place around her because Muhammad wanted her dead. The reason being that the three children they had. They went through a divorce and through a series of event the mom won custody. Muhammad thought that if he killed the wife he would get arrested because he would be the prime suspect, however he thought that if she was killed by some crazed guns man the custody would fall to him, and he would not be considered. In both this and the book the main plot had to do with a loved one.

They actually did most of the shootings from this car. One would drive and spot the target while the other would shoot.

In the investigation the police were looking every where for a connection between the shooting when the never was one. The even thought that is was a one single white male that new the area, or lived there, and drove a white box truck. One more thing is that at the second shooting they were told that they might be in a dark blue caprice, but the police overruled it. While all of this was going down the media was going crazy trying to find out for there selves people where going nuts. The whole area started to keep there kids at home and would not leave the house. Just like how every one in the salem twon started to go crazy thinking that if they did something that they might be hung.

The way that Muhammad met his accomplice is that when he learned that he was going to divorce his wife and he was probable going to lose custody of his three kid, he took them out of school one day and took them to Antigua in the Caribbean, local authority think that he is a con man selling forged U.S. travel documents, one of his customers who moved to Florida left behind her son Lee Malvo. He then moves in with Muhammad and formed a father son relationship. When they go back to america the mother learns of it, and regains custody.


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