ORIGINATE-chikungunya  was first founded in the Americas on the Caribbean island

HOW DOES IT SPREAD-chikungunya is a virus spread by mosquitos

ABOUT THE COUNTRY-it started when the mosquitoes took some blood with a disease in it

MAJOR OUTBREAKS THAT COULD EFFECT THE GOVERNMENT-this would be a pandemic because say that president got chikungunya and spread it to his family. and his kids goes to school and spread it to their friends. and their friends spread to there family and so on and so forth. and the world would go into chaos.

MAJOR OUTBREAKS THAT COULD EFFECT THE ECONOMY-pandemic everybody would want to go to the doctor. the doctors might not be able to heal them and to doctors could catch it. then nobody would be able to heal. and  half of the human population will definitely go down.

MAJOR OUTBREAKS THAT COULD EFFECT THE COUNTRIES CULTURE-people would be praying every minutes saying to help them heal. nobody would not have enough time to do anything because the want help. then some people would stop praying completely and give up on life.