"I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their BS. For those ten seconds or less, I'm free."

Vin from The Fast and the Furious

I Believe...

I believe in the power of fear,

the ways you can make someones doing something,

the the things your don't have to do ,

the new way of being a god,

the way you live,

And what i believe in is me as the new god,

I believe in my words,

I believe in my power,

I believe in me for being a god,

pain, great epics,strength.

My Credo Essay

I believe this by the old life that i had were i didn't care what people did to me. I herd in the in a move but i already been trying to live my life like that but your only free for so long un till your stuck in another place with new or more problems.

Its important to me cause its all i had in life were i was out of the place i lived but after sometime I'm back to were i started.

Yea i think it might change but it want be by much cause iv been threw allot already in my life. I can see it by changing by the way i live and all that. I might change it i go to jail or it someone dies that is close to me but their isn’t that many people that i love or care about. i really don't plan my life i only care about the 10 seconds ahead.

The reason why i like this phrase is Cause it men”t a lot to other people too for the ones who liked racing and had a bad life with cops. i cant tell anyone one to be this way they are what they are i”m not going to bother them unless they mess with me. it might change their life but others will be like i don”t know what they are saying or what does this mean.

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