Iphone 5s

By: Elizabeth Schoenheider
12/17/13 P.3

The iPhone 5s is a great gift for Christmas. It has so many good features and is, by far, the best model of the iPhone. From the Touch ID to the latest advancements, it is a perfect gift for anyone.

The iPhone 5s has some similarities to the other ones. However, it has so many brand new and improved features that the other models don't have. A great thing about all of the models is that they are all easy and light to carry. To keep the iPhone protected from scratches and when it drops, a case is the thing to get. Of course, the perfect case to get has to have Big Time Rush on it. Without it, it would just be incomplete. Once the outside of the phone has been taken care of, the next thing to do is to move to the inside of it. To get in, the brand new Touch ID fingerprint will open the phone in a matter of seconds. Only the owner of the phone will be able to access everything; apps, texts, calls, etc. with only a touch of their finger. Now, with all of the amazing apps, accessories, and advancements, the iPhone 5s has opened up a whole new world of amazing technology.

Yes, it is the best phone to give and receive. Plus, the unlimited talk and text would go great with that Big Time Rush case. Face it, the iPhone 5s is the phone to open up on Christmas Day. Whether its wrapped in shiny, gold paper or sitting in a stocking, no other piece of technology would be a greater gift than this one.

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