Rube Goldberg Machine

Day 1

I choose to do a Rube Goldberg Machine with Hannah and Olivia. I chose to do a Rube Goldberg Machine because I like to problem-solve and find complicated ways to do simple tasks. I want to learn how to solve problem. I wouldn't like to do this for a career because I'm not good at it, but I would like to learn more and I don't like machine working.

Day 2

To come up with suggestions I had looked up videos and pictures for my research. I also had read articles about ways to set it up. I asked adults and my peers around me to help me come up with ways to have obstacles and other stages for the Rube Goldberg Machine my group will be creating. Some ideas we had as a group was to have an object roll down a chute of some sort, knocking down objects like a chain reaction. Then the objects that had fell would push a lever to complete that stage.

Day 3

Some ideas we had as a group that inspired us that we found from our research was to have an object roll down a chute of some sort, knocking down objects like a chain reaction. Then the objects that had fell would push a lever to complete that stage. The research I had looked at explained some stages  my group's Rube Goldberg Machine could have. An example of a website I had looked at to receive information was

Day 4

We had made a ramp and set a ball on top, so it could roll down. Then it will knock down the dominoes. After that, the dominoes will push another golf ball into a cup that has a hole on the bottom. Next the ball will fall through and land on the board that is balancing on a platform. On the other end of the board there is a balloon that will be escalating up to a needle that will finally pop the balloon.

Day 5

We have learned doing this project was different strategies and ways how gravity can affect the stages. Also, we discovered that the way you put together the stages will affect the outcomes. We had figured out ways to change some of the stages. We had drew our rough draft of the machine so we can build it when we have the materials.

Day 6

We had brought in the material we needed to build our Rube Goldberg Machine. The materials that we brought were a ramp, 2 golf balls, a cup that has a hole on the bottom, a piece of wood, a needle, balloon, and a board.

Day 7

Today we had tried to build our machine. However, we didn't succeed with what we built. Today helped us though because it shows us that we can just fix our mistakes we made with trying to build the stages. We had fixed our mistakes and we hope that the stage will succeed tomorrow.

Day 8

Today we had successfully create our ramp for our first stage. We created our ramp out of cardboard and duct tape. We had created our ramp on the table that was attached to a post. However, we need to figure some more ways to complete our machine. One thing we need to figure out is what angle do we need to put the ramp at.

Day 9

Then we tried to follow up with our third stage, which was for something to knock down  a golf ball from a table onto a board, which acts like a teeter totter. The other end of the board would have a balloon that would be pushed up into a needle. However, that didn't succeed, so we had some solutions. Which were to get a thicker needle, or to add more pressure to the needle. However, we just decided to change the stage.

Day 10

Today we had successfully built the first three stages for our Rube Goldberg Machine. The first stage was a ramp that the ball rolls down and hits a wall that is made out of card board and a piece of wood. Then the ball rolls into a cup, which acts like a passgae way for the ball to land directly on a spot on the ground. So here is a video to show you the stages:

Day 11

Today we had made our first, second, and third stage. The first stage is the ramp, in which the golf ball will roll down the ramp. The golf ball will then go to our second stage and hit the boards we have set up. Once the ball hit the second board it will roll directly into the cup, which turns into the third stage.

Day 12

On day 12, I had done some research on making our Rube Goldberg Machine stages better. An idea I had read about was that once the ball fell through the cup, it should land on a book, that a ball is in the middle of it. So when the ball lands in the cup that is on the book/board it will lean down, so the balloon on the opposite will rise 2-3 inches off the ground.

Day 13

Today we had built the first couple of stages for our machine. However we don't have 4 stages so we need to think of a new one. We will try to figure out more stages to complete our Rube Goldberg Machine.

Day 14

The modifications we need to figure out is a way to have the golf ball roll directly in the cup each time. So the things that we had modify was that the ball will roll down the ramp and hit the board. Then the ball will hit a block that is in front of another golf ball. After the ball hit the board, the board will knock the other golf ball into the cup.

Day 15

We had made some modifications in our machine. We had add a line that something can slide down it and knock the ball off the ramp. However, this sometimes don't work, so we need to make sure it works everytime.

Day 16

Today we had modify our first 2 stages on our machine. We had to move the string so the slider can successfully slide down the string without anymore help. Also we rebuild our ramp, too, because we needed a clean slate so the ball could successfully roll off the stage and down the ramp.

day 17

Today was not a success at all. None of the stages that we had set up work for us. Also we had tried to add in the extra stage, but it didn't work for us either. So I would say that our Rube Goldberg machine was not successful.

Day 18

For this project I realized that it is best to use your time wisely and work efficiently so you could get your machine finished. I learned that it is best to keep the same idea that you started with, so it is easier to finish the machine. Also, it's fine to modify your machine so it would work every time. To actually finish this project it is best to try and stay working. That's most of the things I learned while doing this project.

My project was not complete at the very end because we never had our machine to successfully work. We had all the stages set up. However, the machine wouldn't work every time we had set it up. Sometimes we had the machine almost working. Not every time though.

I would personally say that I do not plan on working in this field of engineering. While working on this project I noticed that I am not good with building things and for it to work each time. Also I would also say that I find it easier for me to work alone then work in a group. This is because sometimes works at different paces.

I personally do wish that I picked a different project. I think that I would have been able to finish my project if I picked 3D printing because that fascinates me more than the Rube Goldberg Machine. Also, it might have been easier to work alone. However, I would say that this project was fun to work with my friends.

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I like it. Hope our project actually works