Military hardware
 by: Jasmine Ewing


  1. The purpose of Military aircraft in World War II included bombers, fighters, and reconnaissance airplanes, as well as a limited number of cargo transports, gliders, blimps, and even jets.The effect about it is that it has a limited amount if people that can get on the plane so some people cant get on it.It helps them by killing more people than than just a army acting


The purpose of ships are to carry around supply's they need for war.The effect of ship that other countries can attack at anytime that means the can out a bomb on it and everything with blow up and they want have supply's.In the battle field they bring there weapons to fight so its like helping them out.


The use of tanks in WW2 because Tank are a large receptacle, container, or structure for holding a liquid or gas that can explode things.The effect on tanks in WW2 is that if there very dangerous then the military has to slit up and fight cause they dont want to blow up there teammates.The mission for tanks are killing people very easily and they would win the WW2 faster.