Korean War

May 1945: Korea is divided

After World War II, Korea is divided into communist North Korea and anti-communist South Korea at a spot called the 38th parallel. Russia controls North Korea and the U.S. controls South Korea

June 1950: The war begins

The Korean war started in 1950 when communist North Korea invaded South Korea. With permission from Russia, North Korea invades South Korea and continues on to the capital of Seoul. South Korea does not have a strong enough army to stop it.

June 1950: US joins the war

President Harry Truman sends U.S. troops to Korea. The U.S. and other countries in the United Nations join the war because they want to stop communism from spreading to South Korea.

September 1951: Battle of Heartbreak Ridge  

American and French troops start a battle with North Korean and Chinese troops in a part of South Korea known as the Punchbowl. The U.S. and France win the month-long battle. Over 25,000 Chinese and North Korean soldiers die.

July 1953: A Truce

North Korea and South Korea sign an agreement to stop fighting. Korea is still divided, but the two countries agree to create a neutral zone called the Demilitarized Zone to separate the countries.

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