My tribes

Tribe of 2K players

Tribe of nba watchers

Tribe of wanting to be in the nba

Tribe of basketball players

Tribe of taking naps

Tribe of hoodies

Tribe of listening to music

Tribe of traveling

Tribe of being confused

Tribe of not liking to lose

Tribe of non readers

The ones I want to explain is naps and nba

I know I'm in the naps Tribe because I love to take naps . I take naps when I get tiered. If I don't take naps I get Mad and have head aches . When I wake up from naps I feel so refreshed. I take naps when I get bored also.

I'm in the the wanting to go to in the nba. I think this is every basketball players. Everyone wants to play along side the great ones . I want to make a name for my self in this world . I want to keep striving to get there

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