Role of Women in Ancient Greece

Women in Ancient Greece didn't have much of a role they were mostly just there to raise the children  and  take care of the house. They were mostly in charge of raising the children, spinning, weaving and sewing the family┬┤s clothes. It was a  slave-based economy, with a lot of female slaves who were available to cook, clean, and carry water from the fountain kind of like american life before the Women Rights Movement.

By: Gilbert Matos

But unlike in american history only the poorest families were expected to carry out all the household duties by themselves. Most had a male slave to help by being the door-keeper and/or tutor to the male children. Also sources show that in wealthier households men or slaves would do the shopping.

Some of Festivals were restricted to citizen women. Women were included in the Panathenaea, which was a festival to honor Athena. Another Festival was exclusively only for women which was known as Thesmophoria but only for married women or wives. Finally women were also allowed to assist and celebrate the Diasia which was a festival to honor Zeus.

In ancient Greece women couldn't inherit property, testify or give evidence under oath, nor achieve political rights even though slaves could meaning women had a lower legal position than slaves. Women also didn't appear in court as jurors and women weren't able to commit much crimes since they were not in the public sphere.

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