Rainforest Ecosystem 🐸




warm air,lots of sun light,rocks,water,soil,hot temp

Carrying Capacity

The amount of the resources needed for a species to survive the more carrying capacity the habitat has.

Population Changing

A species in the rain forest is frogs. Their population changes because there is some times not enough resources to keep all of them alive which lowers carrying capacity.

Limiting Factors

Some limiting factors in my habitat could be extreme weather,desease,drought.

Predator/prey relationship

A predator and prey relation ship could be like a snake and frog they both depend on each other and both help each other out.Limiting factors could stop the relation ship by ending the population or lowering it really low on either side .

the lion depends on the zebra

Energy Roles

Some organisms that have energy roles are like the secondary consumer needs the primary consumer for energy by getting 10% to live.

How they get energy

The organism get energy from the level below them like secondary consumers get from primary.


producers get energy from the sun through photocinthisis.They start the food chain because the primary consumers need their energy  

Food webs

Food webs are more realistic than food chains because they show more variety. And not just one way of energy flow like the food web does.

Taking Away

If you take away the palm tree it would affect every primary consumer and probably take out some of the consumers and effect the secondary.

Energy Pyramids

A energy pyramid is a representation of how energy flows through the trophic levels un like a square it has equal sections.

The bottom is the producers level which has about 10000 kcals of energy whick give 10% of that to the second level which is the primary consumer which gets 1000 kcals.Then 10% of that energy is given to the second level which is the secondary consumer , that has about 100kcals .Then10% of that is given to the tertiary level has 1 kcal so on and so fourth.


Chemical Equation=6CO2 +6H2O

For photosynthesis the plant needs water,sunlight,and carbon dioxide.After the plant makes glucose C6H12O6 and O2 oxygen.

Were it takes place

The Process


The turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.Examples geotropism,thigmatropism,phototropism.Tropisms help plants survive by telling the stimulus to find resources the plants need


Decomposers are vital to the ecosystem because they break down the dead plants and animals and put them back in the soil for nutrients. If they didn't dead waste would build up and not give nutrients to the soil.  


Types in ecosystem

Mushrooms,worms,termites,leaf bettle,fungi.


The importance of adaptations is making genes so that organism survive and reproduce.So adaptation in my ecosystem can be changing color to blend in or big paws to dig shelters.


would be behavioral and ficical adaptations behavioral would be howthey hunt or catch food also how they ack around mates. Ficical  would be like bigger paws bigger teeth for eating.

Natural selection

Natural selection is when genes in organism grow or go away to help the organism survive.After generations the animal adapts and the last generation dies off.


A organism could be the frog its wide fingers could help it swim and stick to trees to hide or get food.The ones with short and stubby wouldn't be able to swim well and would die off.

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