The Blind Side

A heartwarming story of family and football
By: Maddie Cognasso

  Heartwarming, inspiring, and memorable. The Blind Side directed by John Lee Hancock captures all of these emotions. Based on a true story of love and family, you will learn to protect your blind side.

This movie is about the Tuohy family and how they took in Michael Oher, an emotionally traumatized high school student who has a talent for playing football. The Touhy’s are a wealthy Memphis family that includes Leigh Anne a headstrong designer and mother of two who first took action to Michael when she saw him talking to her son.

This moving film had many great features including the contrast of characters and the actors who played them. Sandra Bullock played Leigh Anne especially well thanks to her strong personality and not to mention her charming southern accent just for the role. Also, the different characters and background made this movie come to life. I honestly cried each time I saw this even though I knew all the parts. Because of the flashbacks and heart breaking events that took place I couldn’t stop watching it. There was also a good balance between the football aspect and the background story to understand what was happening. I really appreciated the recognition this movie brought to people who are well known like Michael Oher. To most he is a just a football player but this movie expressed that even people who are popular or have a talent that is shared, still had a past to get there that may have been difficult.

Another reason why I recommend seeing this movie is because its based on a true story. Throughout the show I couldn't help but think that their are people who have had negative events in their life such as these in the movie, but I almost feel like this movie brought a sense of awareness to that. Its also pretty amazing to watch Michael Oher’s past and see what he is doing now. The best part about this though is the Tuohy family. They created such a positive effect on Michael through their generosity and love. Not to mention Leigh Anne who first decided to help Michael. My absolute favorite part of this movie is when Leigh Anne is at a fancy lunch with her lady friends when they make a few comments about Michael. One lady says “You're changing that boys life”. And Leigh Anne response is,“No. He’s changing mine.”

Overall, I completely recommend watching, renting, and even owning this movie because of it’s

heartfelt message of finding your strength and making your future brighter than your past with the help of kind people.