National bestseller...                    -Jonas Kinsey

                      Into the wild                                        -Jon krakauer

Young man, Christopher Johnson sits on the rock, looking down at the sun set. Johnson has a book with him, this is a book on plants. When Christopher run away from his car, he took nothing with him but a book about plants, so he could eat plants and not get poisoned. He is reading the book right now to see what type of plants to eat. Ironically he dies later in the book from eating a plant with poison in it.  

In the book, Chris had to hitchhike a lot. He used rides to get to the places he planned out. In the book Jon Krakauer explained that Chris was almost never declined a ride or place to stay. This photo is from the movie of the book and is from before he had to leave his bag behind.

A map of where chris traveled.

This is, as said in the small caption: a map of where Chris traveled throughout the book and movie. It shows from where Krakauer started, to where he ended up dying. One can see in this picture that Chris did indeed have to travel a long way and spent most of it in the wild.

This is the bed inside the old bus that Chris died in. Although it is unknown how he died it is noted that his dead body was found inside a sleeping bag, not on a bed. This bed is most likely a prop for the movie that they used, if this is actually real though, that blue thing in the button right is where he died.

This is a zoom-out of the zone Chris Krakauer died in. This photo actually makes the scene look lot better then in the book, for example in the book the area was described as some old forest but from here you can see mountains and even a river. The bus with the bed from the picture above is in it too.

Chris had a lot of adventures, one of such being when he met Jan Burres and her boyfriend. Burres was a woman who was traveling around the west selling items at flea markets. Chris worked at one of the markets for around 2-3 weeks before realizing no one intended to actually -pay- him. So he stole a canoe and headed for the water.

Under the name Mccandless, chris set out to find a way to make cash fast so he could travel west without that much action. Mccandless got a job as a fry cook at a local mcdonald's. The workers claimed he wouldn't have socks on less he was forced too, and right after work he'd take them off. He smelt very bad and was "Not up to mcdonalds standards".

mCcandless had hitched rides from trains too, The first time a bull found him and told him to leave or he'd kill him, that scared Chris off. Mccandless took the train a long distance anyway though, trying to hide from the bull. Chris then tried to take another train but a second bull found him and arrested him, Mccandless spent some time in jail but didn't give them his -real- name, just Mccandless.

Chris claimed he already had a perfectly good car, A Datsun B210, slightly dented but mechanically sound with around 128,000 miles on the odometer. Chris was shocked when his parents tried to buy him a new car. Chris had purchased the yellow datsun when he was only a senior in high school and left it behind when he started his adventure.

Chris had to move his was through the snow and up a mountian to get to the buss he was told about. Chris planned to sleep in the bus for a while because he felt very sick, it had turned out he had eaten a poison plant. Before he died he made this note. "S.O.S I need your help. I am injured, NEAR DEATH, and too weak to hike out of here. I am all alone, This is NO JOKE. In the name of god, please remain to save me. I am out collecting berries close and shall return this evening. THANK YOU, Chris mccandless. August?"

After his death in the old bus, Christophers dead body was not found for around 3-4 days. Then a moose hunter named Thompson found the bus.

                 Book summery:

Young man, around 18 from a nice family hitchhikes to alaska and walks alone into the wild. His name was Christopher Johnson McCandless. He gave his 25k savings to charity, left the car that he loved behind, burned all his money, and sold his possessions to go into the wild and start a new life. A few months later his dead body was found by a moose hunter named Tompson.

Christopher J. McCandless had just gotten out of high school and was due for college next year. His parents got him a car which Chris didn’t enjoy, he loved his old yellow datsun and thought it was better, so he told them to return it. Chris was known for disliking the government too, but it’s not explained in detail in the book. Chris tells his family he was going to see a friend and wouldn’t say when it got back. It was known that he just went into his car and started driving with enough stuff to last him a year, such as a bag of rice, matches, money and more, but once he made it deep into the woods, his car broke down and he was trapped in the woods. He left his car behind and most of the things in it, all he took with him was a book on planting, then he burnt the rest of his money. He called up a truck driver who he made plans to get a ride from. Once the driver dropped him off, he gave Chris some boots so he wouldn’t get that cold.

Christopher Then headed up the hill and ended up in a small town where he met some people who owned a small market, The people enjoyed it when Chris would tell them stories of his adventures in the wild,Chris helped them with it and stayed in there house for four days before getting on his way, Before leaving he wished them good luck and goodbye. Chris said he would still stay in contact with them though. And he did, he sent them a letter every time he did something of importance. He hitched a ride on a train and was almost killed by one of the bulls. After that he tried to take a ride on another train but a bull found and arrested him, Chris did get out though. Chris went to work at a old man named richards farm before realizing that Richards had no plan on paying him so he stole one of Richards’ bikes and went to a river back. He ended up in a local city and got a job at a mcdonald's, which some people didn’t understand. The manager and Chris ended up having a clash between them once she told him to take a shower and put some socks on so 3 days after that, he quit.

Chris got a ride up to a high cliff and hiked down to a very large forest. He had eaten a plant that turned out to have poison so he was starting to die. He went to a old bus he found and lived in it for his last few days before he wrote a note That he was going to die and begging for help, he went out to find food, came back, went into his sleeping bag, and died.

However, Chris’s legend didn’t end in that forest, a boy named Johnathan Croom, who heard about chris’s story was so interested by it, to the point of trying to to what chris never could. He was about to start college too but was only a few months from it. The boy told his parents and everyone in school about how he would go into the wild some day. He made his act when he told his parents that he was going to go see a friend. (The same thing Chris did). In the news paper his death was said in this way: “Croom's body was discovered after authorities became aware of text messages indicating that he may have been suicidal, which changed the nature of the search. Officials said Croom's death does not appear to be related to the book "Into the Wild," as his parents had originally thought.” But this may not of been true, Croom had told his friends in the same messages that if he was to die, he would do it by suicide but he would always talk about into the wild. On the internet Croom is known as the "into the wild" fan boy, Which was how I found him.

             ElA- style essay:

In the book, “Into the wild” By Jon Krakauer, A main idea is given. The idea being that one should enjoy and trust the life that they live… And not try to just run away from it. This idea is supported by how Chris ends up taking some bad turns and even ending up with death.

One of the ideas would be to enjoy the life you live because if one liked life they wouldn’t want it to end or wouldn’t leave. The books not saying Chris didn’t like life though, In the book Chris still liked his life and, with proof from his note, one can tell Chris didn’t want to die. What the Book tells the reader is that Chris just didn’t like his life enough to keep living it, he wanted to be free from everything and not have anything hold him back. In a part of the book, Chris finds out from his plant book that the plant he had just eaten had poison in it, Chris started freaking out and making notes for anyone who found the bus, Chris had injured himself when getting to the bus so he couldn’t get away, all he could do was watch as he slowly died.

Another idea would be to Trust the life you live. If Chris or even Croom had trusted what was going on around them The chances are, that they wouldn’t of ran away from everything and left their old lives behind. In the book Chris was never known as someone who wanted to do suicide or ever die, He just wanted to go on a adventure, But left his life behind to go on it. Trust was very rare in “Into the wild”, There were tons of characters but very few interactions without Chris in them. This is what made trust rare, Chris didn’t trust Anyone he met (Besides the family that owned the market). But as for the market family, he enjoyed and trusted them to the point of sending them postcards instead of his REAL family.

Chris Johnson, besides all the bad choices he made, was actually a very kind a fun person to be around for everyone he met on his journey, Almost like he made himself a new life, In his old life Chris didn’t like his life so he ran away, he made a new life, but that ended up with death, proving that, if he stayed, he might of still been alive.