Being In a Clique

By: Taylor Luttrell
Mrs. Mercer
Math 2: 2nd Period

What does being in a clique really mean? How are cliques represented in the real world?

Clique- a group of people who have some kind of connection with each other and who stick together, such as a group of friends

Real World Examples include movies, such as:


"Let's go get 'em!"
-Pink Ladies

1. Rizzo

Rizzo is the leader of the clique, the Pink Ladies. She is the "mean girl" of the group who isn't afraid to speak her opinion and stand up for herself. I believe she is part of the clique for popularity.

2. Frenchy

Frenchy is the foolish and light-headed girl of the group. I believe she is part of the Pink Ladies for support through her years of school (especially when she dropped out of beauty school)

3. Marty

Marty is the mature and sophisticated girl of the clique. She clings to the group to look mature since they are the "cool" kids.

4. Jan

Jan is the funny, loud, and awkward girl of the Pink Ladies. She continues to be a member of the clique because it is a judgement-free zone.

5. Sandy

Sandy is the girl who later becomes the assistant leader of the clique. She is the new victorian of the group who pushes the girls to act more mature. She becomes a Pink Lady because she knows Frenchy and for friends at this new school.

  • All the girls of the Pink Ladies are in the clique for friendship between one another and to form a strong bond. They share the similarities of:

*Seeking danger

*All females who wear pink, satin jackets with Pink Ladies inscribed on the back

*Date guys from other "cool" cliques, such as the T-Birds

*Constantly chew gum

Act Cool, Look Cool, Be Cool

"Go Grease Lightning!"
-the T-Birds

1. Danny

Danny is the leader of the clique, the T-Birds. His role in the group is to make sure the group looks and acts cool. In the T-Birds for popularity.

2. Kenickie

Kenickie is the assistant leader of the clique who acts as the "cool kid" of the group. He joins the group to find a place to belong and connect.

3. Sonny

Sonny is a jokester of the group. He is part of the T-Birds to have a sense of belonging and to just have fun.

4. Roger

Roger is the prankster of the T-Bird clique. He is clings to the group as a place of acceptance for his goofy personality.

5. Doody

Doody is the humorous and virtuous male of the friends. He is part of the T-Birds because it allows him to feel cool but is also a place where he is welcomed.

  • All of the guys in the T-Birds joined the clique to form relationships as friends. All of the members share certain similarities, such as:

*All have greased back hair and wear black leather jackets

*Date a member of the Pink Ladies

*The popular kids

Only Rules:
Be cool, Look cool, Only date "cool" girls

The members of these groups would not fit into Rocky Mount High School Today. Each one dresses old-fashioned and each member of each individual clique dresses alike. Nobody of a certain clique here at RMHS dress likewise with matching jackets. Also, these cliques are divided into gender. At Rocky Mount most cliques have a mixture of genders and races. This is also a reason as to why the movie portrayed cliques inaccurately. Many cliques today are just groups of friends who have a connection to each other. In the movie, the cliques are portrayed to be the popular kids, which isn't at all what cliques are today. Cliques in the present time are very diverse and are usually made up of a normal group of friends.

The movie was a satire because it exaggerated a teen's life in the 50's.


1. The film showed that all girls wore flouncy poodle skirts and all guys wore leather

2. Grease made each popular girl date a popular guy

3. The movie had the popular kids make fun of a nerd

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