Sports and Entertainment Marketing Final Project

By: Kyle Sweeney

Movie Poster Evaluation- Lord of War

This poster is well laid out. The area is used well and takes up the whole page. From what I see in this movie poster Nicolas Cage is made up of a bunch of ammunition. So from this i think the movie could be about something with guns. There is also a quote that says, "Where there's a will. There's a war." When i read this i thought of him as a gun dealer. As in the black market. Hence he is made up out of guns and ammunition on the poster. It also get your attention because of the large name on the top of the poster. I also notice that the ammunition he is made up of has some empty casings and some still not fired shells.

Movie Trailer Evaluation- Lone Survivor

As the movie trailer it starts with several marine in a base talking to each other. It does show parts of the climactic parts of the movie. Such as when they get compromised by a few muslims that are keeping track of their goats in the mountains. Mark Wahlberg and his crew catch them and let them go. They run and tell the army that they are in the mountains. There's also some action parts with shooting and other stuff along the lines of that. When you watch teh trailer you get the sense that this movie is very suspenseful, sad, and action-filled.

New Story on TV Show

This story was saying how The Walking Dead has dominated the tv industry with all the views. IT also talks about how it consistently wins the all-important 18-49 demographic. The tv show even outperformed the Olympics twice. For now The Walking Dead reigns supreme. The way they do it is leaving you on the edge. They also use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and other media sites. They tweet out for the show and ask people what they think about what happens. Also they have another show on right after The Walking Dead called the Talking Dead that talks about what happens in the show and goes into more detail about the previous episode that was just on.

Most important factors at an amusement Park

The most important factor of amusement parks are to keep the customers there for a long period of time, get them to have fun, and of course get them to spend a lot of money. You can alternate the price during the week and the weekend. You can also vary the price by age. Also by other standards you can do it by like veterans of war. Try to get them to spend more money by raising prices on certain things you need like foo, and water.

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