lGTB bullying in high schools

The target and why

Bullying has always been a serious issue in high schools. In fact, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) youth have been one of the main targets of bullies. In 2005, a study on LGBT bullying confirmed that the two main reasons explaining the discrimination in high schools is because of their sexual orientation and their gender expression. The appearance of teenagers who are trying to find out who they are by experimenting different styles is indeed, the number one reason bullies target LGBT youth. Unfortunately, the bullying of this group during their young adult lives, affects the person’s self-esteem as well as the way they see themselves for the rest of their life.

Types of bullying

When people are asked to describe the form of bullying LGBT youth are experiencing, people often imagine somebody getting physically harassed by a stronger and bigger peer. Physical bullying is the easiest form to identify since you can see the wounds the bullies left on the discriminated young adults, but there are many other types of bulling that can be found in schools. For example, verbal abuse from name-calling such as ‘’homo’’, ‘’fag’’ or ‘’sissy’’, are often used to hurt the person the perpetrators are targeting. There is also cyberbullying implying the use of cellphones, internet or the technological device in order to harass threatened or embarrass the targeted person. The cyberbullying has been a growing issue among young adults because of their constant use of technologies causing them to be continually bullied not only at school but also in their own home.


A study made in 2010 showed LGBT youth is two and a half more likely to suffer from self-harm because of the bullying they may be suffering from. Also, a survey made by CDC in 2011, proved that the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual youth is 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexuals. The 2011 National School Climate Survey also came with the conclusion that more than one-third of LGBT youth miss at least one entire day of school per month in order to take a break from the bullying they are suffering from.

Finally, it is very important for teens (witness or victim) to take action and report any acts of bullying in order to make the bullying cycle stop.  

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