Belene Labor Camp

By: Mitchell McNamara

It's a picture of inside the Belene Labor Camp


The Belene Labor Camp is the only concentration camp in Bulgaria.  Now it's a farm, a rundown prison, and a natural park.  There is one person that is guarding the rundown prison as a punishment for breaking the law.  All that is left is crumbly buildings.  The island is off limit for ordinary people.  

Interesting Facts

1.  What remains of Belene now are the crumbling buildings of another old jail built after the camp was closed 50 years ago.

2.  In the 1990s, the jail was turned into barns by the inmates of the only prison still functioning on the island. They raised pigs, rabbits, goats and chickens.

3.  The surreal farm today consists of a huge wild boar and several goats accompanied by a shady man with missing teeth, jailed for murder and sent to guard the old, forgotten camp.

4.  One needs special permission from the Justice Ministry in Sofia to visit.

5.  A big part of the island’s forests and marshlands were declared protected area in 2000 in an attempt to save the endangered yellow water rose, Dalmatian pelican, great white heron, pygmy cormorant and sea eagle.

6.  Entire colonies were wiped out during the communist era when the then pristine island was turned into a giant vegetable garden and prisoners were forced to work, often to death, in the fields.

7.  They would use the human oven on the people.  

8.  They would also cream make them.  

9.  They got barely let them eat.  

10.  The people in Bulgaria hate to talk about the Belene Labor Camp.  

It's a picture of the part of the Belene Labor Camp that was turned into farm.  


  • World War 2 starts on September 1, 1939.  
  • Bulgaria joins World War 2 on 1 March 1941.  
  • The Belene Labor Camp was built in 1949.  
  • It was closed in 1959.  

People Involved In The Belene Labor Camp

  • Boris III the King of Bulgaria: He was the King of Bulgaria during World War 2.
  • Adolf Hitler: Started World War 2.
  • Jews: Were the people in the Belene Labor Camp.
  • The Nazi: Guarded the Belene Labor Camp.
  • The American Solders: They Liberated

The Hero

The hero of my topic is the American Solders.

It's a picture of the Belene Labor Camp from a birds eye view.

Why Is My Topic Important

My topic is important because people need to know that  there was a concentration camp in Bulgaria.  What people should remember about my topic is the awful things that were done here.


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