Cop sues Starbucks

Article 1

The source came from Fox News and the associated press wrote the article.  The author doesn't show a point of view in the article.  It is simply just stated what happened.  The source was published May 6, 2015, the incident occurred  in 2012 and just resurfacing.  I have been to Starbucks before and therefore know that they mostly provide good service and have never witnessed them spill anything.  The source was created for anybody who may want to hear of what happened with the police officer and the coffee that was spilled on him.  If kids go around stating things that weren't said in the source, this could affect the reliability.  This source was created almost as soon as the story occurred to get it out to the public for them to hear about it.  The point the source is trying to convey is that the cop received burns and blisters from the drink that he should be compensated for.  He said that the incident activated his Crohn's disease, which he then had to get surgery for to remove his intestine.  Altogether he is asking for $50,000.  This source is important because it is credible and it can be inferred that people can sue large businesses if little mistakes are made even if it was an accident.

Article 2

Taylor Berman created the source, which was an article on the internet and I don't know anything about the author.  The source was produced on May 5th, 2015 and it happened in North Carolina.  Taylor's point of view has a somewhat sarcastic tone to it when she explains what the wife had to say.  This all occurred in January 2012 and this shows that the story is just now resurfacing and Kohr is now trying to get the $50,000 for what happened to him.  I have never heard of the site that the article was found on, but I do know of Starbucks and know that the issue may seem more important since it occurred with a police officer.  The source was created for anyone who wanted to read a story that was not at the top of priority, but may give some laughs.  It was created at the time it was produced because the issue is just know being seen by courts.  The source is trying to convey how his wife is struggling with emotions now that this has happened to her husband.  This source is important because it shows other's points of views.  You can see that this has affected his family more than thought from the other article I red.

Article 3

The source was created by CBS News and was put together by the Associated Press.  The author does not seem to pick a certain side of the other and simply states what had happened and tells that there have been other instances similar to this one.  The source was published on May 5th , 2015 from CBS News video.  This news station is credible and therefore more people may be willing to believe what is said without bias.  Knowing what the disease exactly was that Kohr had could help me better understand how it affected him.  I do recognize Starbucks and how an event like this could affect the family's life.  The source was created for people in their twenties or older due to the fact that it speaks of emotional statuses and disease that younger people may not fully understand.  This could affect the reliability if younger people don't know what the story is talking about.  It was created at this time because a hearing for all of this is going to be taking place soon.  The source is trying to convey that there could be emotional damage done after something like this happens, but also it wasn't Starbucks fault because Kohr did it to himself.  This source is important because it shows how the cups aren't always the best, but incidents have only occurred a few times.  From this document I can inferred that there will be a hearing and there are many facts to consider when this is in front of judges.

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