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9TH Grade English
Austin Weatherley

Expository Essay

The Battle of Stalingrad

The battle of Stalingrad was the turning point in Europe during World War 2. The battle of Stalingrad had bled the German Army dry in Russia before calling a German full retreat. Stalingrad was a main battle for the Russian Army and the defeat of the German Facist from the Russian Mother Land.

Some believe that Hitler attacked Stalingrad because he wanted to occupy the oilfields of Stalingrad. The oilfields are rich of oil and Hitler needed the oil for his tanks and war machines so he could take over Europe. Before he could take the oilfields, the Russian Army had stopped their advance through the city.

Stalingrad got it's name from a man named Joseph Stalin. He later became the leader because he successfully defended the city of Tsaritsyn, the city's name before it was renamed Stalingrad in 1918. Joseph Stalin later renamed the city in his honor.

The battle of Stalingrad was a brutal battle for the Russians, perhaps the most brutal battle fought by the Russians. The Russians were overwhelmed by the German forces and were pushed back to the edge of the city and oilfield. When the Russians were pushed back to the edge of the city, they decided to go on the offensive.

The Russian Army went on the offensive by gathering up the remaining forces of the Red Army in Stalingrad and started a charge across Stalingrad to take back the city. One street at a time, the Russians took back their city. During the winter of 1943, the Russians had surrounded the Germans in Stalingrad and cut off the German supply routes and basically starved them and left them to die. The Russians had finally taken back the city of Stalingrad. All that was left to do was to kill the rest of the Germans that are surrounded by the Russian Army. In the winter of 1943, the Russians have killed all the Germans in the city. After the battle, the city was left in ruins, millions of lives were lost and the battle of Stalingrad was finally over. After five, long, brutal years of fighting, it was over.

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