Pick Shailee  to Travel for You.

Only the best from England travel, and the I am the BEST!

Dear King Henry VII,                  

                I am Shailee Patel the greatest explorer to be if you choose me to explore the land beyond the Atlantic Ocean. I will travel in the year of 1543. I originally from England and I plan to explore you. When I go on my exploration I am in search for  gold, territory for you own, and  power.  The main thing  I am looking for that sets me apart from the other explorers is that I am searching for is  power. Other explorers are in search for gold and spices, though I am searching for those items too, I am focusing on power.  When I am in travel I expect to meet other explorers I image that it will be a race for all the resources and if I must I will be ready to kill. I also plan to meet Native Americans and I will trade goods that I bring along with me. Some obstacles I expect to encounter are the chances of food running out or not having anything to trade with. So there for I plan to have an extra supply of food. I also would like to bring along weapons in case there is the need to kill or fight with others I may meet. Please consider me to explore the land beyond the Atlantic for England.


                                                                        Shailee Patel



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