French Newsletter

The last Table française before fall break is
Tuesday, October 7th 5:30-6:30pm in Duke 307.

Meringues (taken by J. Starmer)

There are many French idioms--this list includes idiomatic expressions with colors:

Get some listening practice while watching this video of French children talking about school--cover up the subtitles if you want an extra challenge!

This list of errors to avoid in a cover letter is also a good list of errors to avoid in other writing:

Need to review the basics of French grammar? This chart may come in handy:

If you are looking to broaden your horizons as far as Francophone music, you may want to include this list French rap songs by women:

Mid-terms are a tough time...this series of bilingual motivational posters may help you get through the next couple of weeks!

Since stressed spells "desserts" backwards, you may also want to drool over these French pastries!