The Irony of Killing Oneself

I am not writing this just to recommend to end your life but to sort out some ideas and things how irony the world works. Suicide is defined as killing oneself. Let’s start with that, all over the world and to the billions of people here on earth one of the causes of death is suicide. That is right suicide. Well some people die because of common causes like disease, natural disasters and accidents. But the thing here is that the percentage of suicide as a cause of death is rising. I am not surprised by this; the world is much complicated than way before. Our lives seem to be entangled in a very peculiar way making us weirder as the time passes by. I kind of understand why most of the people chose to die instead of living their life which they claimed as a non sense, not worthy, no hope, complicated, hard to continue and full of misfortunes and misery. But I think dying is not a choice, it is a decision. For me dying is a natural phenomenon to all living things here on earth, it can never be a choice. Why? Because living your life even it is full of misfortunes and misery is a wonderful thing rather than killing yourself. I have read a book once about a girl who overdoses in taking up drugs which led to her death. Want to know the reason why she overdosed the drugs? Her life was pretty okay but the way she looked at the world was changing when she was growing, one reason is her peer pressure, then her parents was not so attentive to what she is doing, in short they are too busy with their works to keep off with their daughters’ life and lastly the girl itself cannot understand why she is doing those things which made her think that she is worthless, she spent her time thinking over petty things that sometimes she can’t sleep and having trouble with sleep is a serious problem that made her depressed to have some sleep so she overdosed the drugs that she taking and the result is forever sleeping. Well through that simple example I’ve given to you the first of many reasons why people decides to suicide is DEPRESSION. Let me give you another example, I have watched many incidents in the news about suicide and most of them is because of a BROKEN HEART. Yes that is right, broken heart. One incident caught my attention; a guy shot himself with a 45-calibre gun in his head, killing himself instantly, and the reason? He was dumped by her girlfriend because of another guy. Frankly speaking, killing yourself because someone broke your heart is none sense. Why kill yourself for somebody who doesn’t even deserve you? Next reason is TOO MANY PROBLEMS TO HANDLE. Not all people are strong enough to handle many problems; I think that kind of person is a weakling. Why? Problems are blessing in disguise. These will not be given by God is he knows that we can’t handle it. It is just the way we see our problems as burdens. Most of us think that killing oneself is a solution to their problem, making them to run away from it. But doing that adds another problem, there is no way a problem can be solved by dying, it can be solved by solving it.

The funny thing is how they end up their lives. Well, most of the common ways are shooting your head or heart by a gun. Gosh do they know that it is so messy with their blood flowing through the floor? And that there will be bullet hole in their chest or head. It is so morbid! Next is letting trucks, car and other vehicles crash your body, meaning, getting hit by a vehicle. There is no other way I will do that! It is not just your head that will be crashed but it is your whole body! With, of course your internal organs popping out from your body. It so gross! Some other people will jump off from high rising buildings. Oh, that scene. That is when all your bones will be broken then your head will be cracked and an oozing blood will come out, your eyes are still open and looking in the open sky. Now that is something a little bit adventure but still so gross. Some people chose to die without blood related, they hang their selves in the ceiling then voila! It is a slow death procedure, I think you’ll feel choking and then hard to breathe then your thoughts will begin to run and the funny part is when you realize that you don’t have to die! But it is too late you can’t pull the chair back anymore because you are now lacking of air. That is how it goes for people who don’t use their brain enough; critical thinking is low and losing hope and faith to God.