By: Rachel T.

question 1: what makes people lack intelligence?

question 2: do certain diseases prevent the brain from learning?

question 3: are there certain things that can make you more intelligent besides learning?

question 1: there are many theories about what makes people lack intelligence. One is that public school make people less intelligent. By learning with people that may be less intelligent than you may cause you to not want to learn more than others. to make sure you are on their friend and not to over pass them. on the other hand if someone is smarter than you then you may want to try to be as smart as them. which encourages learning.

question 2: Yes, dementia causes memory loss so when you learn something new you will most likely forget it. Retaining information is much harder with dementia. most people with dementia don't bother trying to learn new things. Mostly older people get dementia so they already know lots of things.  It makes sense to them not to continue learning.

question 3: In the 1960's Walter Mischel did an experiment with children. He asked children not to eat a marshmallow one day and told them he would give them two tomorrow. he found that the children who did not eat the marshmallow did better in school. by knowing that you will get more from waiting the kids learned that it is better to wa. In conclusion using common sense makes you smarter by showing you that you get more out of waiting.

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