My 7th Grade Year
Bailey Wood

Top Ten Moments

#10 Image is Superficial

During the unit that went along with the book Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, we centered our learning around one main idea. Image is powerful; image is superficial. This basically means that image has such a high importance in society, and it really always has. Because it has such a great mportance, people go to the extremes to look a certain way. They undergo surgeries and sharped their teeth. We also learned that girls in Africa stack rings around their necks to elongate them. Just because you look a certain way, does not mean that you are a certain way.

#9 Teachers Vs. Eighth Grade Basketball Game

My tenth favorite moment of seventh grade was the basketball game that took place after we finished testing. The teachers played against the 8th grade boys and girls basketball teams. Everyone was excited that testing was over! The teachers won, but I think Dr. Bates, who was operating the scoreboard cheated a little and added extra points.

#8 Awards Night

I really anticipated awards night because I knew that my hardwork would finally be validated. I know that you don't need a medal to validate your hardwork, but my goal of seventh grade was to work hard to achieve the 4.0 that I had just barely missed in sixth grade. My name was called last of all the seventh graders to walk on the stage to receive their medallion. I walked of the stage with a medallion around my neck, my head held high, and full of pride.

#7 Art

This year, I decided to join art club. Our main project of the year was to repaint the chairs in Mrs. Seitz's room. My group of friends and I decided to paint a lion on ours. It was a really long process of sanding the chairs, priming them, and then sketching the design on the chair. Once the rough sketch was done, we started painting. Mixing the paints to get the right colors every time was difficult, so painting the chair was long a long and tedious process. We finally finished and it looked amazing We also worked on many projects during actual art class. The mandala project was my favorite.

#6 Radio Drama

We had a unit that involved old radio dramas. The point of these were to scare those who were not listening at the beginning of the drama, which disclaimed that it was just an act. We had to create our own radio dramas. Macey, Jenna, and I created a script revolved around another dimension.

#5 Chuzzlewit's Challenges

For the final part of our Anthem unit, Mr. Kowalski prepared a series of trials for us to 'save' Mr. Kowalski and our reward was the elimination of all the tests Mr. Kowalski had already planned for the week. On one certain day, we were instructed to wear white. That day we had the majority of our trials. This include climbing through pipes and walking on tennis balls using only two dowels for support.  This was a very fun day and I enjoyed seeing Chuzzlewit (aka Mr. Kowalski with a bath robe on roller skates).

#4 Outsiders' Day

I remember being so excited for Outsider's day.  Dressing up and having an alter ego for the day was cool to experience. I dressed up as a greaser. I wore ripped jeans, a white shirt, and a jean jacket.I teased my hair and put on the red lipstick, went to school, and called myself Bubbles. I am not sure why I picked the name Bubbles, becuase it does not sound very tough and greasers are supposed to be tough. We played games in language arts. In Mr. Kowalski's classroom, we played Kahoot, and In Mrs. Krisfalusy's room, we played a game that you had to put vasoline on your nose and try to pick up as many cotton balls as you can.

The only day everyone can acceptably wear jean jackets

#3 Halloween

Halloween with my friends was amazing. Two of my best friends, Jordan and Laura, and I decided to be the classic black cat. I don't think that I am too old for Halloween and I think I will always dress up. I woke up super early to perfect my face makeup and make sure my costume looked superb. We were the three black cats. We ran through the neighborhood, ringing doorbells, eager to yell "trick or treat." The candy didn't last forever, but the memories of that night will.

#2 Winter Semi-Formal

  1. The winter semi-formal is always a very awaited event. Shopping for a new dress with your friends is so much fun. My dress had purple tulle on the bottom and white lace on the top. Dancing with friends was such a stress reliever. After the dance, I went back to my best friend, Jordan's house to celebrate her birthday. Overall, it was a great night.

#1 Camp

Camp was agreeably the best part of seventh grade. I met new friends there and made so many memories that I hope I will never forget.

Camp Mowana

I was excited for camp ever since my brother went, four years before me. Waiting for camp seemed to be taking forever, so when it was finally here, it seamed surreal. Leaving my home and family was hard for the first day, but by the end of the week, I wanted to be with my new friends and counselor forever. At camp, we played ultimate Frisbee and capture the flag in the woods. We went on a boat ride and tried to fish. The food there was not the best and I found myself eating a mountain of salad every night instead. The best food at camp was of course the hobo pies. My dad used to make them when he was a kid, so I felt like a pro when we made them because I've made them so many times before. I learned that teamwork is so important, and not only when you are camping. I miss our camp counselor, Catherine, who we nicknamed Chutz. I also miss all the new people that were in the Amokee cabin.

This song always makes me think of camp because it was played at the dance, the night before we left.

Math Core Class

Math class has always been my least favorite class. I just find the material unnecessary to my future. Nonetheless, I did my work anyways because good grades is what I work for. The advice I would give to help others succeed in the class is to just do your work. Twenty minutes everyday of math homework is not as horrible as it sounds, and f you pay attention in class, you can get it done quicker. You'll get it over with it will feel good, and your work will pay off.

Sometimes we fool around in math class... oops!


I feel like this has been one of my best years, growth wise in language arts. This has always been my favorite subject because creativity is encouraged in this class. Along with that, Mr. Kowalski's contagious positive energy really helped me survive the days that we would all rather still be in bed. This year I grew as a writer and I grew within the soul. Positivity and encouragement to do your best created a great learning environment. My favorite project we did this year was the first IR project. for this project, we had to take ten pictures and caption them to serve as a summary of our book. Photography is one of my new found passion and I want to continue pursuing that.

I loved that we always had a fun day to conclude the end of our class novels. Between Outisiders' day and Chuzzlewits's challenges, I enjoyed Chuzzlewits's challenges more. They were more interactive. We also watched the old version of the movie And Then There Were None. I liked the unexpected love element put in the end of the movie that isn't in the book.

Extra Extra!

In seventh grade, I joined art club. I liked getting to creatively express myself. We painted the chairs, and helped Mrs. Seitz when she needed it.

I also went to all of the dances with my friends. Though there was always some sort of drama about something silly, that was always pushed aside. I'm not a good dancer, and neither are most of the people there, so dancing is fun because no one knows what they're doing.

During spring break I stayed home. I was disappointed because we haven't taken a vacation in a while. We had a 'stay-cation.' We went to visit my grandma for a day and then we went shopping for several days. Spring break was a much needed break. It was fun, but I hope we go on a real vacation next year.


You only have 3 minutes to get from class to class, so bring your materials for more than one class because you may not have time to go back to your locker. Do not stop to talk to others in the hallway.

Always do your work. It will help boost your grades and help you understand the material better. Don't be the person who doesn't even try to get good grades.

Don't walk slow in the hallways. It will make you late and  annoy the people behind you who are trying to get to their next class.

Raise your hand. It is not that hard to ask a question or respond to a question that the teacher asks. If you answer incorrectly, it's no big deal. Understand that answering a question incorrectly is not in the least going to affect your future.

Have friends. Friends encourage you to do your best and help you relieve built up stress in the school year. They make you  laugh and they are your support system. They will always be there to talk.

Carry a pencil pouch. Many people just carry a single pencil to class, but I find that having a pencil case with everything you need is better then always having to ask others to borrow something. It may be bulky, but I think it's worth it.

Don't procrastinate. I did this the entire year, and I'd find myself awake at 11:30 hating myself for not working on a project that was due the next day, earlier.

Put passion into your work and have fun!

I enjoyed when we had assemblies with guest speakers. I always left school those days feeling happier. I left school thinking more deeply about life and about who I am and how I can change myself to better the world.

The End

Overall, seventh grade was a great year for me. I am thankful for the experiences it brought me and the knowledge I was tonight. My teachers were amazing in helping guide the students through the beginning of adulthood. I hope to keep growing, and stay with what I know is best for me. This was year full of ups and downs, procrastination, and homework, but I've come to know myself better through it all.


Live in the present, but know that it will affect your future.

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2 years ago

I love the artwork picture! You are so good. You should draw more and post in the summer!

2 years ago

Memory: Talking and laughing the whole time while on the gym speedball team!

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I like how you included the movie

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I love your extra extra picture it describes you. Your tack is detailed and to the point. Nice job.

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I like the creativity and the art work. Your very good.

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have a great summer

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I loved your radio drama. I love the creative names.

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cool uglies face

2 years ago

Bailey: You are really nice. We don't really hang out but we should this summer! have a good summer!

2 years ago

Great work, Bailey. It's nice to see you link to your script and that you included so many photographs. The last one scarred me. Phenomenal. 😱