Aquarium scrapbook

by Eli adams  

We got off the bus I saw kids eagerly looking for what we could do first. I smelled the warm summer air shafting smells of the "ocean". I heard the laughter of kids seeing who could climb to the top of the fountain

Otters are found on every continent except  Australia and Antarctica.they enjoy freshwater but have been known to live near saltwater you can also find them living around streams rivers and lakes. They tend to swim in shallow water so they can come to shore when they want to. They make their homes or holts on the bank.they like water that is very cold but their skin keeps them warm they prefer to swim in areas that are kind of swampy

the things that otters do for their ecosystem is they keep the fish population in return the ecosystem gives them more fish and shelter.


a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.


a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment

the biotic and abiotic help the otter state its dominance

the turtles are part of the animal kingdom. the characteristics of the animal kingdom are multicellular  and they reproduce sexually.

the plant is part of the plantae  kingdom.some of the characteristics of the plantea kingdom are they are multicellular and they reproduce asexually

the amoeba is part of the protista kingdom. some of the charateristics are they unicellular and they reproduce asexually.

the mushrooms are part of the fungi kingdom.they are mostly muliticellular and reproduce both by sexual and asexual.

.the crane is the consumer the crane is also a hetotroph which means they cant make their own food

consumer- an organism that generally  obtains food by feeding on other organisms or organic matter due to lack of the ability to manufacture own food from inorganic


An autotrophic organism capable of producing complex organic compounds from simple inorganic molecules through the process of photosynthesis (using light energy) or through chemosynthesis (using chemical energy).


Decomposers or saprotrophs are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms, and in doing so carry out the natural process of decomposition.[

journal entry: the stones are abiotic cause they're not living, so are the mountains and the air currents

scientific information: the abiotic factors help the biotic factors grow and help them get food.    

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