European Exploration

My Exploration Proposal

Dear King Louis XIV of France, I wish for you to finance my trip to the New World!

I am Flimtonce McKosher, the most qualified person to get the resources you want.

I am from Dublin, Ireland.

I plan to leave in the year of 1650, in the month of July.

The resources I will search for:

King Louis XIV, I will search for these resources in the New World as well as land for settlements.

- Fish for Cod, - Plant Sugar Plantations, - Coal, - Lead, - and Tin.

I will also search for gold in hope of becoming wealthy, but the majority will go to you and France.

Where Will I Go:

I plan to go to the Coastal Plain Region in order to fish and plant the sugar plantations. I will also go to the Appalachian Highlands in order to mine the coal, led, tin, and gold.

My Competition:

The other countries that are sending explorers are England, Spain, Portugal, and the Dutch Republic.

The other explorers are looking for these resources:

Juan Ponce de Leon- He is looking for gold and the Fountain of Youth, I will get the gold first though.

Christopher Columbus- He is looking for Places to settle and land to claim, though I am much more clever and will find the best places to settle first..

Jacques Cartier- He is looking for a route to India and the Spice Islands.



When I go to the New World I expect to encounter some obstacles:

- I expect that we could possibly have a dehydration issue in the New World. So, I will have us always settle and camp near a river or some type of water source. I will also make sure that we have plenty of wood to start a fire so we can boil the water.

- I also think that we could have a hunger issue. I will make sure that we have the proper hunting tools on this trip, and if we are already by a water source then some animals will be near because it could be their water source as well.


On the expedition I expect to encounter conflict with either the Native Americans or the other European Explorers:

- When I go to the New World I do not want to have war, so if I come upon Native Americans I will try to reason with them and if they do not cooperate, then I will resort to violence and maybe even take some of them to work on my Sugar Plantations.

- If I come across other Europeans then I will hold them captive and take their resources for the good of France, and if they have any land I will make the land property of France.

King Louis XIV of France,

Finance my trip to the New World and you will become the richest person in the world!

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