I am a clerk in a house of trade. Some ways to describe my job is like a tax collector. Sometimes I steal a little money for myself and at this time and age everybody is only thinking for themselves and their family. I work inside the Casa de Contratacion, which stands for the house of trade. In The Casa de Contratacion it can get very busy and confusing. When things get busy it is easy for me to steal some money for my family and I. This is necessary because nowadays the only thing that is important is that I have more money and wealth. The Casa de Contratacion was set up to control all the ships and vessels, people and goods, and missionaries between Spain and the Indies. The Casa de Contratacion was stationed in the city of Seville. The city of Seville in 1600 would end up being the largest and wealthiest city in Spain and one of the wealthiest in all of Europe. Even thought the Casa de Contratacion stood for the house of trade it was meant for mainly a private house of trade between the Indies and the crown.

The general archive of the Indies was a giant document where they gathered all the documents of the Indies all into one place. Today there are over eighty million pages in the document and it describes over three centuries of the history of the continent. This archive is insanely important for the people of Spain because it tell millions of stories of the people in the New world and how they overcame challenges. The archive also shows that the people did this for the future so people would sort of learn from the mistakes of the people in the past. It also helps the Spanish people learn the Geography all around them and where they can and cannot go.

The city Seville was very popular throughout the 16th and 17th century but, it also was filled with homeless and prostitutes all on the streets. The city attracted tons of people throughout Spain to flock to the city to try and find a new start. The people did this because the city was so big and wealthy that they thought everybody could have a chance to start over and try to make a living. Merchants like me were very happy about these flocks because it meant more money to collect for trade and what not so it was easier to slip some money away for my own keepings when nobody is looking.

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