Water Problems in Missouri

Water pollution

How water pollution happens

Define: We need to stop the water pollution in Missouri. Keep reading on how water pollution happens on discover.

Discover :Water pollution comes from the simple stuff that you throw away today, and we want to make it better by recycling and reusing, but if we don't do stuff about, it a lot of bad stuff can happen like sicknesses and even death.

Dream: In my dream world are schools will provide recycling boxes. Recycling helps for water quality because some of the liquids that soak in to the ground at land fills can get in to the water and it can be bad for your health. Also people will figure out that if we don't recycle a lot of bad stuff can happen like water pollution.

Design: The first thing I want to do is I want to talk to Keith Myers, and see if I can ask him some questions and see if we can figure out a solution and if we find a solution then I will try to succeed what ideas I get.

Conclusion:We need to stop water pollution, we want are community to be better right? If we keep at this pace then the people who will live her will struggle, and it would be hard to survive in a world that there is no good drinkable water.

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