"stop bothering me"

Gotta love me

Hi, I'm Bodi. I was not your typical house cat. Me and my sister Codi were born behind the bouganvilla bush, to only soon learn that our loving mother was run over by a car.  With only a few months of life experience under my belt, a frightened littler sister who needed me and with winter setting in, I had to come up with a plan.  And that is when I saw her, the lady who keeps coming outside to inspect the garden.

No sooner did I spot her, I put on my ultimate cuteness moves...prancing around, giving those soft sweet eyes....I had her right where I needed her. And it worked. Before long, she was bringing me milk and tuna.  And not any kind of milk, Lactaid...this lady has class!

Before you know it, we are relaxing in our hammocks by a warm fire. That's my sister Codi...just chillin....

Oh, did I tell you we like to shop, too.

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