The Bay of Pigs

USA first wanted to attack Trinidad, Cuba, but invaded on the Bay of Pigs

         The USA was going to attack Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba, at Trinidad but decided they needed a more secluded place, so they chose Bay of Pigs instead. They planed the attack to happen on,

April 17 , 1967

         The USA planned this attack because they didn't want the communism from Cuba to leak into the US. So they used trained Cuban exiles to fly into the bay of pigs and bomb their Air Force with Cuban painted USA planes and then set down ammunition and people . But they were to slow and somehow the info that they were attacking got to the Cubans by October , so they were waiting for the USA to attack. The USA was trapped and many were capture and failed miserably.

         The prisoners were kept for twenty months until the US could make a deal with Castro for $53 million worth of baby food and medicine.

          Still, after fifty years the USA and Castros Cuba was tense.

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