"Your attitude determines your direction."

By: Anonymous  

I believe  

I believe in the power of standing out aside from everyone else,

the power of living life to the fullest,
the wisdom, strength and caring,
the creativeness of the Earth,
the importance of family,
But I don’t believe in degrading someone or judging another.
I believe in trust in friendship,
I believe in being unique,
I believe in love and dreams,

And I believe in the poetic way I write when I put something on paper.

The Words I Live By On A Daily Basis

My credo is this one quote I love and live daily and it is “Your attitude determines your direction.” This quote means the way you do things and act determine where your gonna be in life. I use this quote on a daily basis.

How did I come up with this quote? I was bored one afternoon and looked up motivational quotes on Google images. I happen to stubble across this very quote that stood out to me the most.

This quote is very imperative to me because it’s a true statement. Only YOU determine where you go in life, not Sally next door. If you put both feet in front of you and say “hey I can do this” and think about the positiveness of life then you will be great in life and life will offer so many opportunities for you. It’s important to stick to this quote because if I don’t do this I’ll go on thinking “oh I’ll just barely get by and just see where that gets me” Do you see the differences in the set of tones I used? (hey I can do this”, “oh I’ll just barely get by and just see where that gets me”)

I do not think that this quote I live everyday will change as I get older. It’s not going to change for me. I don’t think something or any event will change the way I use this daily. Your attitude determines your direction” helps shape my future because it’s basically telling you “look what ever you wanna do or go in life is all in what you put forth”. And for example I want to go to NYU when I graduate from here (East Rutherford High). The only way I can get there is by giving my best, actually more than my best and being positive, doing my work and coming to school everyday. If I don’t come to school and just give up do you think I’ll get to NYU? The answer is simple. No.

This quote is very important to me and stands out to me because thats how everyone in my opinion should think. I would most certainly encourage others to follow this quote. It’s very important. If you think you’ll get through life successfully with a bad attitude towards it and just hate everything then you’re so wrong. Thats why I think others should defiantly follow “Your attitude determines your direction.” It would be vey beneficial to others because what if they didn’t know this and they went through life thinking that its ok to be negative and you’ll get through life that way. Thats why they need to listen to this quote. It’s vey motivational in my eyes and I love it so so much.

by Brooklyn Lewis

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