Portuguese caravel captain

A Portuguese caravel captain like me follows the Renaissance trend and sails out to search for new trade routes and wealth from trading.

I am a Portuguese caravel captain who conducts and manages the caravel, trains the seamen and organizes the voyages. My job is quite harsh. Sailors often have to suffer daily life dangers like hunger, disease, vermin, thirst and so on. However, most of my seamen used to be really poor farmers so they readily take risks to earn more money and change their lives.

To make ships suitable for long-way trade, Portuguese combined the model of European, Chinese and Arabian ships and added some equipments such as canons or riggings. They also gave it 2 or 3 masts and a rounded place at the bottom to make room for goods. That was how a caravel be invented.

My caravel is used to explore new trade routes and do business. The Renaissance has opened up an era of discoveries, and we follow that spirit. Moreover, since the Muslims have controlled the Silk Road, European countries have started seeking new trade routes on the sea that head toward Asia. This way is faster, easier and cheaper than by land. Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese, has become the first European to arrive at India by sea and link Asia and Europe by ocean route.

Asians have many commodities that are rare in Europe, such as Indian spices, textiles, China ceramics, etc. Previously, they were so expensive that only nobles could afford them, but now we reduce the costs thanks to cheaper transport of merchandise. The more people who buy the products, the richer the merchants become.

America and Africa are also our targets. The abundance of resources and the big lands with cheap labor, such as slaves, attracts Europeans. Besides, trading with native people help us find a new consumer market.

My friends use their caravels to carry goods or to use for military purposes. Yet, generally, our common goal is to spread Christianity (some guys still want to crusade against the Muslims). That is why most of the caravels' sails have a cross sign.

To support our missions, many cartographers and geographic experts have begun to make the maps and used astrolabes. These useful tools help us determine the right directions so that we can save a lot of time and money.

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