A Ballad is a form a poetry or a song that narrates a story in short stanzas. A lot of ballads have unknown authors and have been passed down orally. The word ballad was first used in the 18th century. A lot of ballads are folk ballads and they contain folk heroes such a Paul Bunyan. Even though ballads don't need to a lot of American ballads which are folk ballads rhyme. Ballads are usually passed down by singing and the people who remember the song as a child pass it down to their children.


In a cat's life.We get a rubber mouse, a shoe string, or a butterfly to play with. In a cat's life.We get names like Sylvester, Felix, Tom And Jerry, Morris, and Garfield. In a cat's life.We chase hamsters, mice, and rats, anything loose, with a string attached. In a cat's life.We like a big bowl of warm milk. Crunchy cat food nuggets.All filled with love. We like tuna oil, and tuna fish, and goldfish. Straight from the living room fish tank.In a cat's life.We like to curl up next to our master, like a fluffy pillow, weeping willow on a sofa bed.In a cat's life.We take off our mittens and booties.As we leave our paw prints in the muddy soil.In a cat's life.

-Kim Robin Edwards