Seth Johnson

Robert W. is adventuring to the North pole trying to find a passage. While he is going though the ice he sees a huge figure on the ice. After the figure disappears he finds a man on the ice stranded. He brought him n the ship and talked to him about what he was doing up that far.

Man stranded on ice

Victor F. started telling Robert about how he got there. He started by telling him how his mom and dad met and how they was the perfect match. Then they had Victor and he was the center of their world. They got him a "present" which was his "more than a sister". Victor was very interested in science but mainly old stuff that had to do with voodoo and stuff like that.

Victor loved science

His mom died and not long after he goes to ingolstadt to learn more about the science he is interested in. While he was there he met a professor that was also interensted in the same type of study's as Victor. Victor starts going crazy with his work but he know how to successfully bring people back to life.  He starts gathering his materials from graveyards.

Where he gets the mterials

After he gets the materials he creates the monster and it comes to life. Victor thought it was ugly and ran away and the monster escapes. He meets his friend Henry and acts like nothing has happened. He gets a letter from Henry that is from Elizabeth that says her and his father miss him and want him to return.

Frankenstein creating his monster

Victor is returning home and gets a letter saying that William his younger brother has died. When he gets home he visits the grave and he sees the monster and is set on killing the monster. Justine has been trailed and made her confess to it even though she didn't kill William. She is sentience to death. They talk about how shes not guilty and how she raised the child. Victor is extremely upset he created the monster.

Justine's trial

Victor went to the mountains for a walk and the monster came up and said listen to my story and you can decide my fate. The monster starts telling him the story. The monster experiences all new things. He starts learning new emotions and words. He learns how to talk and write but starts to get a lonely feeling.

The monster learning new words

He burns down the cottage that people who saw him lived in and the traveled to Ganeve. Sees the little boy and chokes him to death. The monster gets done telling Victor his story and asks him to make him a female.

The monster choking William

Victor is going to make the female but has to make a trip to do it. On the trip he sees all kinds of beautiful sights but doesn't enjoy them because the stress on his mind about making the second monster. He spits up with his friend and works on the monster. When he is about half way done he sees the first monster and gets angry and tears up the monster.

The sights Victor sees

He sets sail and he makes it to Ireland ad people think he has killed someone. But the monster was the one that killed him and it was Henry. They put him in jail until he is found inisent. Victor stops to rest in Paris and he gets a letter from Elizabeth asking if he loves someone else.

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