My Top 5 Favourite Things


1. My first top favourite thing is traveling I find it fun and intresting. I can learn about the world and see lot of wonderful sightes. In summer of 2013 I went to Tebet in China I had a lot of fun and saw many sights that I would have only seen on TV if I didn't go myself I had a lot of fun and learnt so much about another world. A lot of my photos my mother took are above.


2. Gaming I find this a intresting because it is so much fun it helps me relaxes and I find it really entertaining. It's a great stress reliver and a greats way to socialises with friends. You can have a lot of fun, you'll have theses moments when you do somthing amazingly you feel so achieved. It's a great feeling and so I like to play video games.


3. Reading , I find is very intresting and when I read a good book I feel like I'm in another world. It Immerses me in another worldl. Whether it's a steampunk airship or a fantasy forest the detail immerses me fully. When I rad I can also learn about the world I don't need to allocate a set hour to study, I can have fun and learn. Reading can also help better your writing. Which is also another reason why I like reading.


5. Canada

I love Canada becuase of the wonderful time I had there. For 3 years i've been learning with wonderful people (Even if I had to deal with stupid people). The friends and teachers i've meet have been excellent and I was sad that I left it was a fun time but I had to let go. So good bye Canada and remember i'll always remember you.

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3 years ago

what do you mean by stubid people