Engineering of Bridges

There are so many types of bridges. The engineering of them are so cool once you notice how the people build them. Whenever I go over a bridge I think of two things, how cool it is and my wish. Every time I go over a bridge my mom says to make a wish. So, if your wish was to learn about bridges then you are in luck because that is what you are doing right now.

What I Wanted to do.

I set out to work on how things were engineered. I wanted to learn about all types of things. But, then I got so caught up in bridges that I just stuck to that. I wanted to see how the bridges withstand the forces of nature. It doesn't seem like they break down much and I wanted to know how the engineers make it that way.

Meeting My Goal

My goal was to make a bridge. Which you can see I have. I also wanted to learn how they serve their purpose. At first I wondered why do people make different types of bridges when you can just make the same type just longer or shorter. I then met my goal by learning that certain bridges only go so long. Like the beam bridge, the weight of the beams pushes straight down on the piers. The farther apart the piers the weaker the beam becomes. This is why beam bridges rarely span more than 250 feet.  

Failures Are Fine

I did come to things that I messed up on. But, because of those I have learned even more. At first I was trying to find more  went to many different websites but, I didn't get info I wanted from them so I finally kept working and found the info I have been looking for. For the bridge I built I did it at the last minute. I worked around that though my dad and I found somethings laying around the house, we found cardboard, wood, and strings.  

Works cited

During this I didn't use many cites all that I used was the one cite below.

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Most important thing I learned

I learned that you should focus on one thing at a time. During this I tried to help my friends with theirs and that got me off track. So, I learned that I should focus on the thing that I set out to do. Let your mind stick with one thing because you can't be doing so many things at once. That is like juggling so many things when you don't even know how to juggle one thing.

Different next time

Next time I want to not hold off till the last minute like I did this time. I started on the project and then I waited to make the model of the bridge till I realized that I presenting in a few weeks. Next time I will started and plan things out. Also I don't want to change my mind so many time in a row. During this every week I would change my mind and come up with something different.

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