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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL) held a discussion program to share the experience of being Directors XL, which is a series of programs CEO / BOD Challenge, the hunting experience into the Board of Directors XL.

After going through various stages of selection, the program has been able to select four winners to gain valuable experience to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Service Management Officer (CSMO), Chief Digital Services Officer (CDSO) and Chief Commerce Officer (CCO). The fourth person is Anthony Soehartono (Institute of Business Management), Hasnan Chatim (ITB), Indra Akhsani Waskita UGM) and Claristy (University of Indonesia). The four students selected had undergone XL role as Directors of the date of 23-28 November 2014.

President Director of XL, Hasnul Suhaimi said a lot of the potential of the younger generation to become future leaders in the future, they just need to inspired and given the opportunity that everyone can be a leader.

"Through this program XL wants to hone their ability and courage to think and feel the experience of working to become a leader, so cultivate their leadership qualities," said Hasnul.

Activities of today's discussion is a summary report of the activities of the CEO Challenge winners for one week in office as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Digital Services Oficer (CDSO), Cheif Service Management Officer (CSMO), and Chief of Marketing and Commerce Officer (CCO) in XL.

Activities CEO Challenge winners do from following the meeting with the board of directors, market visits, training, and lead each division like CEOs who they play. Through the CEO Challenge, the winners gain valuable experience by knowing the process of working the leaders of the company and motivated to be able to do the same in the future.

CEO Challenge XL first launched in May last and get incredible enthusiasm of the students. A total of approximately 2,000 students signed up to participate in this competition.

Having done some selection process that includes the selection and administration, the originality of the paper and video, finally elected four (4) winners after a selection interview conducted by management XL.

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