Figurative Language in Songs

Marina- Alicia Sanchez C

The Killers: "Somebody told me that you have a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend". Is a simile, because he is comparing that, "her/his boyfriend looks like a girlfriend."

"Breaking my back just to know your name" is a hyperbole. Because he is over exaggerating that he is breaking his back just to know her/his name.

"Dont blink you might miss". (Might miss) is alliteration in this song it includes two words with the same sound at the beginning.

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One Direction- One Thing

1. "You're my kryptonite", is a metaphor cause it is not using like or as.

2. "Cause I’m dying just to make you see that I need you here with me now" is a hyperbole because he is over exaggerating.

3. "Something’s gotta give now" is alliteration because of "gotta give" repeats the same sound of the first letter twice.

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Auburn- Perfect Two

1. "Don't know if I could ever be without you 'cause boy you complete me" in reality it doesn't complete her that's why it is a hyperbole.

2. "Your the peanut butter to my jelly" is a metaphor cause she is not using like or as.

3. "Your the pencil and I am the paper" is personification.